IPO Market

Opportunity to participate in every IPO right after the shares go public.

Risk profile
Total return

Key takeaways

  • Average stock holding period is 17 days.
  • Hedging the entire exposure in the portfolio by VIX derivatives.
  • The volume of the application is not limited due to access to market liquidity and margin trading.

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We offer services to purchase a stake in a rapidly growing companies and the world's largest start-ups. Clients have an opportunity to purchase a stake in actively developing world companies directly from the management.

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Principal Investment Strategies

The multi-level strategy implemented by On Capital provides positive results on the stock market with a low correlation to the main global stock market indexes. On Capital "IPO Market" strategy implies investments in stocks and may include derivatives to cover possible short-term investment risks.

Risk Management

The estimated risk level per trade does not exceed 2.5%. During periods of increased volatility, using delta-betta hedging techniques, the level of perceived risk is measured to be covered by derivatives on the determined share classes in the portfolio.

Trading Metodology

Selection of companies is carried out on the basis of key financial indicators, external and internal demand for the shares and agreements of the issuer with underwriters.The volume of stocks per 1 trade is usually 20-25% and does not exceed 30% of AUM (assets under management).

Interactive Brokers

Brokerage account in IBKR belongs to the client. On Capital has an ability to place trade orders on the client's account. Deposits and fund withdrawals are available only to the client. Access to the account and funds is provided 24/7.

Historical returns


OnCapital's group of analysts conducts a permanent search for offers on the OTC market to identify companies with the possibility of multiple capitalization growth. Our specialists make an analysis of financial statements and descriptions of the company's business, main points of growth, as well as possible risks that may obstruct business development.


As part of the service to purchase shares in the over-the-counter securities market, OnCapital considers several counterparties owning shares of private companies. These financial institutions invest in private companies in the early stages or acquire shares from employees.


After the IPO, all shares are held by OnCapital custodian. Sale is carried out after an expiration of the lock-up period. Our company also provides customers with an opportunity to hedge assets for the entire term of withholding.

profit gain

After the lock-up period is over, the investment is automatically closed and profit from trade the is sent to the client's account.

Клиентам доступны практически все первичные размещения акций компаний на биржах NYCE и NASDAQ. Мы собираем одну большую заявку и приобретаем акции по лучшей цене до начала публичных торгов с обязательством не продавать их в течение трех месяцев. Результаты наших рекомендаций можно увидеть на графике. Большинство таких торговых идей приносят десятки процентов прибыли.


Путем всестороннего финансового и стратегического аназлиза наши эксперты отбирают перспективные компании, выходящие на IPO.


Активное взаимодейсвтие с андеррайтерами дает нам возможность приобретать акции компаний на стадии IPO без lock-up периода.


Доступ OnCapital к книге заявок андеррайтеров значительно снижает риск приоберетения неперспективных акций.