OnCapital is a financial corporation specialising in IPO and corporate debt investing in USA, China and other countries.

All our asset managers have substantial experience with relevant financial markets. Together with our colleagues from leading international investment funds, such as BlackRock and The Vanguard Group, we analyse and evaluate companies launching IPOs throughout the world and acquire the most promising assets.

Insurance & transparency

Our clients’ accounts are insured for $500,000 by SIP. We provide each client with detailed account reports on a monthly basis. Every 6 months OnCapital’s business activities undergo thorough audit by Bloomberg.

Values ​​&

Profitability of our clients’ investments is our key performance indicator and the basis of our business development, and we value our clients above everything. When purchasing assets, OnCapital invests its own money along with our clients’ funds.

Professionals & international expertise

Our Business Development Department constantly works on arranging favourable terms of IPO investing through interaction with the world’s largest underwriting entities and prime brokers.


OnCapital's group of analysts conducts a permanent search for offers on the OTC market to identify companies with the possibility of multiple capitalization growth. Our specialists make an analysis of financial statements and descriptions of the company's business, main points of growth, as well as possible risks that may obstruct business development.


As part of the service to purchase shares in the over-the-counter securities market, OnCapital considers several counterparties owning shares of private companies. These financial institutions invest in private companies in the early stages or acquire shares from employees.


After the IPO, all shares are held by OnCapital custodian. Sale is carried out after an expiration of the lock-up period. Our company also provides customers with an opportunity to hedge assets for the entire term of withholding.

profit gain

After the lock-up period is over, the investment is automatically closed and profit from trade the is sent to the client's account.